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Pressing it brings the old front screen back. Holding the default task manager button down, brings up a new look task manager, which shows Remaining RAM, Remaining Memory on the phone and on memory card, and all the applications currently loaded in a simple menu.

New software update v. 10.24 available for Nokia 207 & 208

Something that is really clever, is the 3rd icon underneath my gmail icon if you look at the image on the left. When a new text comes in, the envelope shows the number of new texts.

It also shows the message in a little popup, without me opening messages. A user interface — NEW: Better than words, look at this schema: After this inactivity delay, auto-rotation will be stopped.


What is really brilliant about Phone Guardian is that you can send a lock or unlock message to the phone, you can switch on or off a siren that makes one helleva noise via a simple SMS, and you can also request information regarding the location, user information currently using the phone useful for the police and service provider for tracking the phone all via SMS, and the phone will SMS you back the details.

Highly recommended. Shozu — http: Shozu is amazing.

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You can take a photo and have it sent to any website, email address. Widsets — http: Google Mail — http: Messenger — http: FRING — http: Google Maps — http: Conversation — http: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Nokia N95 / Symbian S60

Jomtris very addictive. OggPlayer — for playing. Free Themes — http: The website is called: Mobile Library.

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He has another cool app called Nokmote coming out soon. Here is a tutorial from GoSymbian Quite a simple process if you follow instructions. Yes you read right, Megapixel meets Horsepower! Two big worlds collide here: On the other side, the Nissan GT-R.

WeChat 1.5 for S40 Release

The most underrated supercar, with horsepowers and probably the best acceleration since a starting plane. Stomping the foot on the accelerator is like getting kicked in the seat by a horse, with a fantastic sound as company. Feast your eyes on these PureView-GT-R-images and make sure to check them out in full size on my Flickr channel by clicking on them! Every once in a while a phone is released which showcases the best of technology possible at that time. Back in , it was the Nokia N95 which showcased exactly how to build a mobile computer.

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The N95 truely was a revolutionary device packing everything but the kitchen sink under its plastic shell! The very same year Apple announced the iPhone. It single handedly defined how to make a great and easily understood user interface and made Symbian look clunky and redundant overnight. Fast forward to and we have another revolutionary device.

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The Nokia PureView is hands down the best camera phone ever released. Nokia has finally launched the PureView , their flagship camera phone with 41MP sensor. It even got a price tag on their Nokia store yesterday. The folks at BGR. The PureView packs a whopping 41 Megapixel Camera sensor with a Xenon flash and capable for recording p videos.