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Clearly, Siri is Apple's most celebrated user feature. And, clearly, there's interest to see it appear on other Apple devices. Indeed, companies throughout the consumer tech industry are exploring novel new user interface models, including voice-control and gesture-control. But porting Siri to Mountain Lion desktops would pose several challenges. Apple was smart to leave it out of the latest desktop update, and here's why. Microphone positioning on MacBooks and iMacs would present technical challenges for any Siri desktop port.

The iPhone is designed to be held up to your face, and has a built-in mic that includes advanced noise reduction technology to ensure your voice is heard loud and clear, while street noise and the nearby guy shouting into his phone aren't picked up. In part, this is accomplished by using two microphones: Yes, your MacBook Pro has an omnidirectional microphone built-in.

It's very convenient for using FaceTime in conjunction with the notebook's camera, or for the speech recognition function built into Macs for OS control. The omnidirectional mic, however, doesn't offer the same voice-processing sensitivity of the iPhone 4's dual-mic arrangement.

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All told, Siri voice analysis would be far more challenging on a Mac computer, particularly when other voices or noises are in the room. Granted, using an external mic, or even the mic on your throwaway iDevice earbuds, could provide a solution. But even though Siri is still considered a beta product, Apple wouldn't resort to such an inelegant hack just to put Siri on Macs.

Simply powerful.

Current speech-recognition products work pretty well if you wear a special high-quality microphone. What's very clear is they need the mic on your face, right by your lips. Siri is all about location-awareness. She wants to give you directions, provide local weather reports, and locate the closest sources of exotic cuisine. Automatically organize files using Stacks. Take more kinds of screenshots with less effort. Try four handy new built-in apps, and discover even more in the redesigned Mac App Store. Now you can get more out of every click.

Dark Mode is a dramatic new look that helps you focus on your work. The subtle colors and fine points of your content take center screen as toolbars and menus recede into the background. Dark Mode works with built-in apps that come with your Mac, and third-party apps can adopt it, too.

How to update the software on your Mac

Choose what works best for you — the familiar light appearance or the new Dark Mode. Introducing two new time-shifting desktops that match the hour of the day wherever you are. Slide to see how the Dynamic Desktop changes throughout the day. Stacks keeps your desktop free of clutter by automatically organizing your files into related groups.

Arrange by kind to see images, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and more sort themselves. You can also group your work by date. And if you tag files with project-specific metadata, like client names, sorting by stacks becomes a powerful way to manage multiple jobs. To scrub through a stack, use two fingers on a trackpad or one finger on a Multi-Touch mouse. To access a file, click to expand the stack, then open what you need. Now you can quickly locate a file by how it looks. And perform Quick Actions on files without ever opening an app.

So finding that image of the smiling girl by the Ferris wheel or the PDF with a colorful pie chart has never been faster.

Free Wallpapers For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch And More!

With Quick Actions in the Preview pane, you can work on files right from the Finder. Rotate images, create PDFs, trim video, and more — without having to open an app or rename and save your file. You can even apply them to multiple files at once, or create a custom Quick Action based on an Automator workflow.

Metadata provides the key details of any file. Now a tap of your space bar provides more than just a quick look at a file. So you can mark up a PDF, rotate and crop an image, even trim audio and video. Just launch the new Screenshot utility or press Shift-Command Apple has these anyways in the public soon, and most of these images are already public Nat. Geographic …. Thank God! Here is one of the snow tree pictures from Nat Geo it is already cut into iPhone size too if anyone wants it. Mountain Lion wallpapers are realy nice. Thanks for the links of images and also thanks dan for the giant archive link on mediafire.

Those are great pictures, but poor wallpapers. A good wallpaper should not distract the user, and should allow to easily pick-up icons.

BEST OS X Mountain Lion Theme for iPhone and iPod Touch

None of these does. During my first years as a technician, I used to laugh with colleagues about people using holiday or family pictures as desktop images. Today, OSes are encouraging people to do so. Let people do what they want, and do what you want, tech or no tech…. If only they had hired you, Enrico, to select the most appropriate choices of wallpaper possibilities. How could this community have doubted you? To turn your amazing skills away? But perhaps you are. A photographer by the name Ed Graunke took that picture. Antelope Canyon is beautiful, I want to go there someday and see it for myself.

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