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You feel confident with your skills, they can improve even further!!

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Just the fundamentals is packed with so many golden nuggets!! This is a must for everyone who photographs people! One of the best investments in my portraits business this year!! Simple and and easy to follow - does not go of on some tangent stays on topic and explains why and how to do it. Thank you Pratik. The only things I seem to be having trouble with are the cloning tool and the healing brush tool.

Whenever I try to use these two tools I always seem to get a double image with the top image moving all over the place. This happens as soon as I choose my clone source. Then I cannot paint where I want to paint because the image will not keep still. It is very frustrating. When checking the internet for this problem there are thousands of people who also experience similar problems.

And yet, when I watch you or Sue clone, this does not happen and you both make it look so easy. Can you please help me with this, or perhaps do a separate tutorial on this? It may already be there in one of the lessons I have not done yet. And thank you so much Pratik, for sharing your knowledge. Your course is certainly worth every cent as I have done classes full time and some online, but your teaching methods are so clear and easy to follow that it is very easy to pick up and understand your teaching.

Thank you!!!! Pratik has managed to make Photoshop less intimidating and made it easy for me to grasp. This was well worth the money. Thank you, thank you thank you! It gave me a clear understanding how should I build up my process flow, and not copying anyone else. Also gave a deep understanding what can and how I can achieve the perfect result we want!

It the best every watched retouching corse ever! Thanks you Pratik and also thanks for Sue to make it happened! Pratik is truly the best teacher out there. I have been struggling with retouching since I startet SBE last year, and now after watching and learning from these series I must say that retouching now is so much fun and I am so proud of my images: Thank you so so much for the opportunity to purchase this really valuable education. I've been following him since Creative Live and he is very calm and explains every little thing which makes the entire learning process so easy and fun.

More over, I just love his work and he makes it all so accessable to learn and develop the editing skills so efficiently and easily. Pratik explains everything simply enough that even beginners can clearly understand his instructions and tips. Can't wait for more videos to come to further increase my skill set. There is even an action designed to help you retouch a complete image. His methods are solid, often ingenious and brilliant, and he is a master at explaining and guiding.

This is a course that will really help you, not dazzle you with techniques. And on top of it all, he is a lovely teacher and a fine person to spend your time with. It's just a brilliant course! Thanks Pratik, thanks so much! He's a combination of Yoda and Mr. Roger's when it comes to retouching—super calm, knowledgeable, and very wise he is. He doesn't just explain how to do something, there are many who do that, but he shows you why a technique is used and why it's his preferred way of working.

This course has brought back excitement to the whole post-production process for me as a photographer. Unlike other retouching series, which are generic and cover a lot of topics that make finding the relevant information hard, this library is very focused and well designed. The teacher has an excellent grasp of the subject and the length of the videos is perfect. Having the option to download the videos is great. This is an exceptional value.

The only reason why I didn't give 5 stars to this product is about production values.

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I would give it 4. This is really nit-picking. The main problem is with the opening titles. They are too long.

with Pratik Naik

Seeing the montage with music once is enough, to have to go through that sequence for each video is just a waste of time. I would understand a second opening sequence but what is the opening titles here are just too long and forces the viewer to scrub forward to skip the filler. For such a long sequence you would expect professional music but the soundtrack uses very fake-sounding orchestra that detracts from the otherwise professional product. The music itself is not bad, but the sound production is just not up to standard.

On a similar token, the quality of the narration degraded a few times, sounds like there were microphone problems. When producing a professional video, audio must be impeccable. For the most part, the sound is great but it's clear that there was nobody monitoring the sound while recording. That is a serious mistake. And after the video was produced, and the sound distortion noted, there should have been a pickup recording to correct the defect.

Other than those issues, this is a spectacular series that it's worth the price. Highly recommended.

I will rewatch the videos till i will be as good as you. He addresses thing you may not have even known what to look for and how to fix it still keeping the details of your images in tact. Most importantly I LOVE that he made actions for you as well as step by step videos breaking down each process.

My images improved immediately! Purchasing this class was the best gift to myself and for my business. So convenient to go straight to the source while in the middle of a project. An unexpected bonus was the he continues to add to the course list new videos, this is a must have course, great for beginners and old dogs too! This series is for someone like me who has been using PS for several years or someone who is very new to PS. Everyone can learn and grow. I really love this series and high recommend it.

Pratik shows its not about knowing complex methods or tools in PS but to learn how to use simple tools and use them effectively. This is one of the best investments you can make I love how it has transformed my images already, and I have still so much to learn. I can't wait to re-edit some more photos are learning his techniques.

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His retouching tutorials are absolutely amazing and without a doubt a total game changer, both for speeding up my workflow and for the quality of my work output. These tutorials are the missing puzzle piece I have been looking for. His teaching style is simple, easy to understand and can be immediately implemented. It is worth its weight in gold. Through a very logical and extremely well explained system it is possible to move securely ahead in the editing process and be able to rely on achieving goals. Although I am just learning his methods, they are yielding far better results than I ever had before and I am sure it only get's better.

Everything is outlined so exactly that if you follow the path you can't go wrong well sometimes yes, it has happened It does take time , practice and patience but this series will get you there safe and sound. Thank you Pratik for your way of showing us in such a calm , cool and reassuring tone.


That goes a long way! Thank you Pratik, you are an amazing educator!! Just watching a few videos made a tremendous difference in the end result of my editing! The actions do help you speed up your processing time, but Pratik also explains you what the actions do. I very much appreciate it , because I really would like to understand the process instead of just clicking the button.

Also, I had some old images sitting for a year that I couldn't deliver to a friend because I made some bad lighting mistakes and didn't know how to fix it. After this I finally had enough skills to save the images and make my friend very happy. His measured and methodical approach to the subtle details behind extracting every minute detail in an image is the best I have ever seen. He is a constant reference and resource to my workflow and has been the prime motivation behind my love for retouching my images. In these lessons you will be equipped with the requisite tools and subsequent confidence to tackle any and all clientele and their portraits.

Moreover, from this confidence that you will gain and earn comes a joy in completing the process. Do not miss out on this incredible series as your return on investment far outweighs any cost! Pratik delivers great instruction which is easy to understand in his calming voice. This was the best investment and worth every cent. Thank you Pratik!! Thank you Patrik!! The main question that's not addressed is workflow. The retouching setup solved a lot of issues I was have, but when you visible stamp, everything is trapped underneath and you can't go back to correct anything.

When you are addressing hair, underarms are any other subject, you start with a background layer. Can you address retouching workflow. Where does skin, hair etc fit in in regards to workflow I can't give 5 stars because to me, this is a very important topic that was left out. Worth every penny. Great tutors. Everything you need to know about retouching is in this series.

His teaching style is incredible!

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This tutorial helped me a lot to improve my retouching skills. Im so glad to be a student of the world-renowned retoucher. Thank you so much Pratik! This is definitely going to take my editing to the next level I've purchased several other retouching tutorials by other togs and while they each taught me something valuable, I haven't seen a series like this that leads you by the virtual hand from the very beginning the hardest part is knowing where to start , to tackling some of the most common issues in photos hard lines, clothing wrinkles, fly-aways, and more.

Pratik offers some incredible tips on how NOT to get in that retouch-jumble of working on everything at once and ways to help you stay on track. I love the actions provided, especially the "retouching setup" which sets up your initial "game plan" layers with adjustment layers, masks, curves, etc Pratik makes it so simple and uses some really innovative ways of getting things done dodge and burn without the actual dodge and burn tools for example.

Color correction and evening skin-tone was a big problem for me -- not after this series! My retouching looks times better after watching only a few tutorials from this series! Best money I ever spent on retouching education! So easy to understand. Patrik is a great teacher and is one of the best retouchers out there. There is saying that goes something like, "You don't know what you don't know; until you know what you don't know.

Praitk breaks everything down, makes it easy to understand. And the actions provided save you a boat load of time. Worth the investment. However, I must say it was a wise decision Pratik explains every change, starts at the beginning every time and I feel confident that I have more controlled editing that maintains texture and beauty.

Thank you so much for this wonderful resource. I am on cloud 9! Cloud 10 is just around the next corner. I've learned more in just the Retouching Fundamentals, than I did in the other 4 classes combined Those classes you only had 1 yr access to the materials and with Praitk's classes I can download them and watch a section when I need that particular subject. Mind B. Buy his class NOW! You won't regret it! There were somethings that I knew already, but you gave me plenty of tips and tricks and that has expanded my knowledge.

Thank you for being informative, clear, and for giving us such and easy to understand course. This will definitely be a big help for people just starting out with retouching! But there must be a chapter on basic processing of RAW images. Teaching is concise,clear and easy to understand. Would I recommend this course But I'm missing one thing in particular, goose bumps! Tried harsh skin texture technique but didn't work, maybe Ill submit the image so Pratik can work it out and show us all. But overall amazing and incisive videos!

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