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Application data sent over-the-air is protected with strong encryption. Good Dynamics supports apps on popular iOS devices whether corporate-liable or employee-owned resulting in faster programming, testing and implementation. So your application can keep pace. While incurring little or no overhead.

The Good Dynamics Network online community gives mobile application developers direct access to the Good Dynamics SDK, tools, and peer experts to assist as they build, test, and deploy secure mobile apps. Containerize before you mobilize Good Dynamics mobile application platform offers a trusted and efficient way to develop secure iOS applications.

Good Dynamics helps mobile app developers build secure applications without slowing down development projects—by allowing developers to incorporate Good's proven security technology into their own apps, including: Secure container Strong encryption Secure network operations center NOC Secure remote application management Application level security policies It's the same technology used in our popular Good for Enterprise application that's been delivering secure mobile device management and collaboration to Fortune corporations and U.

Get the Code That Contains By utilizing Good's secure container technology to wrap your enterprise's apps, developers minimize application data loss while respecting your users' privacy. Flexible, Cost-Effective Development Good Dynamics supports apps on popular iOS devices whether corporate-liable or employee-owned resulting in faster programming, testing and implementation.

You may have to sign in as a different user and use the command prompt as an administrator to clear the Indexed DB folder. That is because some files in this folder can be held by the Host Process for Windows Tasks. Once the token is successfully removed, you should see the sign-in page after you enter your URL in the app. You have not accepted your invitation to the Dynamics for Customer Engagement organization. If you attempt to access the same URL through your browser, you see a notification that you are invited to the organization but need to accept the invitation.

Once you accept the invitation, you are able to configure the app successfully. For each of the causes listed previously, you may also see the following event logged in the traces:. If you connect to a Dynamics for Customer Engagement organization on an Android device, this error can occur if the certificate from the Dynamics for Customer Engagement website or the federated server, such as AD FS, is not trusted by the device.

To avoid this scenario, make sure to use a publicly trusted certificate or add the Certificate Authority certificate to the device. For more information, see KB article: While configuring Dynamics CRM for phones and tablets, you receive an error message. On the Apple App store , the version the users need is 1.

To fix this error, the user must uninstall and reinstall the Dynamics for Good app using the version listed above. The following event may be recorded multiple times to the Event Log, when Show Analytic and Debug Logs is enabled, on the device where Dynamics for Windows 8 is running. Enable Analytic and Debug Logs. Security of a sandboxed iframe is potentially compromised by allowing script and same origin access. Verify the source of the messages.

For example, if the organization URL is https: This can occur if the time on the device is not within a certain variance of the Dynamics for Customer Engagement server. This can occur if certain directories under the Dynamics for Customer Engagement website have Windows Authentication enabled. To resolve this issue by running Repair , the Dynamics for Customer Engagement deployment must already be configured for claims-based authentication and IFD.

The prompt looks like the one shown here. After you tap Cancel or enter credentials 3 times, you see the correct sign-in prompt. URLs that redirect, such as IIS host headers or link-shortening websites such as tinyurl or bitly, do not work when you use the URL in the Dynamics for Customer Engagement apps web address field with Dynamics for tablets or Dynamics for phones during configuration.

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For example, an https: To work around this behavior, you must enter the actual web address for the Dynamics for Customer Engagement organization. When this issue occurs and you have enabled logging, the information logged is similar to the following. Notice that the URLs in lines 2 and 3 are different. That difference indicates a redirected URL.

Users will not get customizations made to Customer Engagement if there are draft records present. Users should be encouraged to save records as soon as they go online. In Dynamics for tablets, record data is cached as the user visits the record so the user can access the data when going offline. To remove the cached data, the user must sign out of Dynamics for tablets, or Dynamics for tablets must be reconfigured or uninstalled.

The customizations metadata from your Dynamics for Customer Engagement organization are cached on your device. The app checks for updated metadata after 24 hours or any time you reopen the app. For customization changes to become available immediately, you must completely close and then reopen the app.

If new metadata is found, you will be prompted to download it. For more information on how to completely close an app, refer to the help for your operating system or reference one of the articles provided:. Windows 8: How do I close an app? Force an app to close. How to force close Android apps. You may be seeing a different form than the one you customized. If you have multiple forms for an entity, you will see the first form in the form order that you have access to.

This is different than the web application where you see the last form you used and have the ability to change between forms. If you enable Private Browsing on your iPad in your Safari browser, you will see the following error message when you attempt to connect to your Customer Engagement organization: Tap the address bar, and then tap Private. To fix this error, the user must uninstall and reinstall the Dynamics for Good app using the version listed previously. After you reconfigure Dynamics for Good, the app can get stuck in a loop.

You need to close and reopen the app. On your iPad, press the Home button two times quickly. You'll see small previews of your recently used apps. For users of version 1. To prevent click for mapping in version 1. The Prevent click for mapping setting works as expected in Dynamics for Good app version 1. We recommend updating to the latest version of the Dynamics for Good app rather than applying this workaround.

What are the specific symptoms you encounter? For example, if you encounter an error, what is the exact error message? Does the issue only occur for users with certain Dynamics for Customer Engagement security roles? Does the issue only occur on certain devices but works correctly for the same user on another device?

If you attempt to connect to a different Dynamics for Customer Engagement organization that does not include your customizations, does the same issue occur? If the issue only occurs with your customizations, provide a copy of the customizations if possible. Our feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. Read more on our blog. Exit focus mode. In this article.

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Potential issues and resolutions Errors and connection issues Troubleshoot error code c on Windows Phones If you get error code c when you try to sign in to your Microsoft account while using the Dynamics for phones or CRM for phones express apps, chances are that you have the wrong date and time settings on your Windows 8 phone. Turn off Set automatically. Troubleshoot a Windows app start-up error If you receive this error: Notify your Customer Engagement administrator that you received this error.

To enable the Dynamics for Windows 8. Set up Dynamics for phones and tablets Important: Customer Engagement on-premises deployments require Windows 10 and the Dynamics for Customer Engagement apps for Windows app built for Windows Support for Dynamics for phones and tablets Error message: Click Dashboards.

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Select Sales Dashboard. Click Enable Security Roles. Click Publish. Have your user close and open the mobile app so your dashboard changes will download.

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From the mobile app, tap the menu and then tap Dashboards. On the command bar, tap Set as Home. Click New. Click Properties. Enter a name for your dashboard and select Enable for mobile. Add the components you want on your dashboard and click Save. Error message: Sample Trace Message for Cause 1: Sample Trace Messages for Cause 4: Check with your system administrator to update your settings. When you sign in to the web application, you may notice that not all areas appear within the navigation for example, Sales and Marketing are missing: Reconnect and try again.

Please try again, or restart the app. See the following KB article: