Samsung galaxy s4 switching on and off

My Samsung S4 simply stopped responding.

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Step 1 worked — first time. Thank you very much for the post! Thanks for the advice and step by step guide to attempting to switch on my phone. Sadly I am at the last option. Let a technician look at my phone. I even went to the trouble of buying a new battery and its not the battery. Please tell me how to solve this problem to turn on my samsung Z3 phone. It crashed itself not able to power on.

Please tell me the way. Can I add my name to the list of people thanking you for Step 1.

Fix Randomly Shut Off Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Issue

My phone was fine this morning fully charged and then at lunch time, it would not turn on. I followed Step 1 instructions and it worked like a charm. Tried everything new battery; all the resets. Suggests that an upload has switched phone off permanently. I fix my phone perfect by the way you share. Thank you very much good friend.

You are the best.

Take care. Thank you very much. Step 1 worked for me. Took battery out and held button for one minute You are a lifesaver!!! Thanks so much. My s4mini switch off during a call wont turn back on had a spare fully charged bat so tried that an charger works have tried steps above an still nothing will i loose all my photos if its a hardwear problem or can they be retrieved thank you. Mr Jolo wrote this — I have a new problem. Everytime I plug in my battery the stock one to my Samsung S4, the phone starts immediately without me pressing the power button.

It stays on for about 5 seconds just shows the samsung s4 screen then turns off immediately. I have tried steps so does that mean I have to take my phone to a technician now? I have the same problem now? Any advise or go to tech? Soft reset step 1 worked perfectly! Thank you for this information.

Fixing The Samsung Galaxy S4 Turns Off Does Not Turn Back On Issue

My s4 mini is completely dead, not even charging. Charged battery in another s4 mini and can be sure, that both charger and battery are working. I have a new problem. Step 1 worked!! I have a job interview tomorrow and I have no idea how to get there without GPS! You saved me!!! Lisa — comment from yesterday 17 February ….

I have same issue. Thanks Sandra. My phone is probably hard-bricked. I left it to charge for 7 hours, but it only got warm. Good luck to me. So glad I found this site!! I am bookmarking this one right now. Tried new battery and all the restarts, but nothing. Any work-around to restore them? When i got home from school i received some notifications. Mine worked. I did the first step then after that I hold both power button and the lower volume button. It successfully opened. Is there any possibility that my data would be wiped in the procedure?

Thank you!! I am literally due to give birth today and my phone died so i would not have been able to call anyone, take photos or time my contractions. Step one worked swell and you saved the day! Thanks a lot. My S4 died while I was talking on it. Went completely dead. No screen, no lights, no nothing. Battery is charged. At most, all it shows is some static across the entire screen. The blue-red-green light lights up no problem, but nothing else shows up. My battery is fully charged, but the screen remains black. What can I do to fix it?

Yesterday while charging my phone I needed to make a phone call, when I picked it up it was super hot, and would not turn on.. I called my son over and he immediately took off the back of the phone and removed the battery. We let it cool and noticed a metallic burning smell. So I went to Verizon and they were not much help, I paid cash for the phone and the warranty is expired, they suggested I go over to best buy because they sell batteries and this could solve the problem. That was another waste of time. I was running listening to music on my headphones through an app on my phone, when it just DIED.

Totally completely shut off. Just died. I tried step one, and it is back up and running. Thank you! I was downloading app updates for my S4 when it crashed. It would automatically attempt to restart every time I removed and reinserted the battery without touching a button only to crash before completing a full reboot. I tried step 1 a few times before it finally worked. Saved me a lot of wasted time and probably money in going to the store and buying a new phone.

Good post!!! I took out the battery then popped it in. I hit power button and volume up same time it showed recovery setting at top but disappeared and nothing. I tried again with power button and volume down it showed some message continue volume up or down to cancel w.

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OMG thank you so much!! Got the same problem with my s4 just today. I followed the step 1 and my s4 is back again! Thank you so much for the help! In fact, tip nr 1 did the trick. Thanks a ton! A few seconds later my phone shut off! It rebooted fine but pretty much shut back off immediately. Tried step one and it worked like a charm!

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I personally took the power button off i tried to replace it but very hard and now turn it on as described in second video. Hope this helps! Guys please I neeed help. My s4 was restarting continously and keep showing the samsung logo. I couldnt even open the pattern lockcode cz of the restarting. I pressed the home button and volume down and home key together.

Then an android robot came out and said do not switch off target!! But this messege stuck for a while so I removed the battery then put it back again. Thank you so much for the first step about taking battery out and holding down power button ofr 1 minute. It worked awesome for me, just wanted to say thank you! I have tried everything on your list. I took it to a technician and they told me it was the charger port but if it was when I put in a fully charged battery then it would still power on. Is there anything else to try?

My Samsung Gaxlecy S4 vibrates when you touch and hold power button but does not turn on im currently trying 1st step and i have taken the battery out and had it on charger, it still vibrates but will not start up. Charged the phone last night, then turned it off. Turned it on thuis AM. Suddenly after operating for about one hour the phone went black. Cannot turn it back on. DO NOT see an access panel to the battery to reboot…any ideas?

I am a nurse and NEED this device. My phone had a charging issue where i had to use a my charger not the one that came with the s4 and had to twist it a certain way for my phone to charge. Is this the reason that it stopped working? Hi, after I noticed there was a bug websites, commercials appeared when I touched my phone I decided to factory reset my phone. After factor resetting it, I rebooted it. Thank you in advance. Samsung Galaxy S 3. I have a s4 i dropped cracked lcd,digitizer,front glass. But my phine still gos in n i get notifications n it charges. But only until the home screen or lock screen.

What is wrong and what should I do? Pls help. I have tried removing the battery didnt work. Does your phone have a microSD card installed? This card, if corrupt, can cause this type of issue. If your phone has a microSD card then try taking it out then check if the issue disappears. If the problem persists then it is possible that your phone software is corrupt. Since doing a factory reset fails to resolve the issue then I suggest you flash your phone with its stock firmware. You will need a copy of your phone firmware and a computer software called Odin to do this.

Detailed instructions on this procedure can be found at several of the popular Android forums online. Power randomly turns off and stays off. Why is this happening now? Loose connectors? Try checking first if the issue is caused by a loose battery. If the battery has room to move around then it may lose its contact with the phone causing this issue. The next step is to check if the issue is caused by a problem with the phone software. To do this you will need to backup your phone data then do a factory reset from the recovery mode.

If after doing the above troubleshooting steps the issues still occurs then this may already be a hardware related problem. I suggest you backup your phone data then do a factory reset. I took the battery out and waited for 10 seconds then put it back in. I plugged it in a charger and it was still blank. I did the soft reset and surprisingly it turned on but the battery was low so I plugged it back in the charger. My phone buzzed, the logo came up and then it goes blank and repeats the process. Hope you can be of help. It appears that the phone has been bricked possibly due to an error that occurred during the update process.

You will need to reflash your phone software using Odin to resolve this particular issue. Instructions on how to do this can be found at several of the popular Android forums online. No matter how much battery life is left on the phone, when using apps or switching between them it will completely crash and fail to restart. When I plug it in, the battery life says zero.

Samsung S4 I9505 Power on off sulotion

This has only started in the last three weeks, and happens frequently. Is my battery dying? Or does it seem like a software issue? My phone is 2. This problem could be caused by a faulty battery. Since your phone is already 2. If the problem persists even with the new battery then I suggest you backup your phone data and do a factory reset. Hey droidguy. My Samsung galaxy s4 turns off randomly and needs a charger for it to turn on. But if it turns off at 80 percent charge when I use the charger and put my phone on it is still at 80 percent.

My cousin also has an s4 so we exchanged batteries to see if there was any difference and there was. If using another battery on your phone fixes the problem then this is very likely a battery related issue. Subtle voltage differences in your phone battery may not be affecting the other device but it is affecting your phone. I suggest you replace your battery with a new one. We support every Android device that is available in the market today.

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If we were able to help you, please help us spread the word by sharing our posts with your friends. Please help me. My S4 had a software update no choice either last week and since then my phone has been switching off and not switching on unless I pull the battery out and then re-insert it.