Android cell phone wallpaper size

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Funny Lock Screen Wallpapers

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Android Wallpaper (HOWTO, tutorial)

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Android: Make Custom Wallpaper That Fits Perfectly

Wi-Fi Not Working on Ubuntu? It isn't simply the resolution width of the home screen multiplied by three, however.

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The wallpaper is "panned" as you move between screens, not just spanned across all three. The wallpaper thus needs to be 2 times the width of the screen resolution, not 3 times.

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Check out the images below to get an idea of how this works. Wallpaper by smjfosho. The first image is a x wallpaper, the right size for an Android phone that has a x resolution screen. The second image is the original wallpaper spliced apart to show how Android "sees" it, when displaying it across the home screens. Notice how the medallion from the center of the image appears, partially, on both the left and right home screens.

That's why when you put an image on your SD card, sized perfectly to the resolution of the screen, Android forces you to crop it.


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