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APK files first had to be converted to the. BAR format before they would run.

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With the latest update,. APK files can now be installed directly onto Blackberry devices. The video below shows that the Android installation running within BB10 is actually a slimmed down version of Android 4.

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Both the release of APK support and the fact that Android lies underneath BB10 further cements the fact that Blackberry really is dead-in-the-water at this point and is relying heavily on Android not only to bring it business through Blackbery Messenger , but even to help augment the BB10 experience. If Blackberry eventually ditched BB10 altogether, or perhaps did a true dual-boot with Google Play apps certification, would you be at all interested in Blackberry devices or has that ship sailed for good?

I would also like to detect if the GPS is available. Thanks in advance, Scott.

… this isn't the forums?

Scott Scott 1 5 I think this tutorial will help you: Unlockedluca Unlockedluca 1, 2 22 Thanks for your reply. I now need to see if there's a way of detecting a camera without this prompt appearing.

But it's progress! If I find a solution, I will mark your answer as reply.

RIM: Disable JavaScript in BlackBerry Browser | ZDNet

You can use the tips below to get the best opera mini version for your blackberry smart phone irrespective of blackberry OS 10, 7, 5 or even lower archived versions. All you need do is follow the steps below and test run after each download to see what works best for your blackberry device. After trying out UC web browser, default blackberry browser and the opera mini browser on the blackberry app world, I felt very bad because non of it could fit in perfectly for the blackberry curve 8 phone.

Then I implored these tips to get a one that neither lags nor takes a long time to open pages. Note that this will work on all blackberry devices including newer OS versions.