Windows phone 8 cfw nokia 5800

This should be performed for a clean and bug free flashing. Before flashing, Make sure that the Firmware files are placed into path C: RM is for Nokia N8. Flashing interrupts due to power failure and from then phone was not starting plz gv sum idea. Plz help bro. Hi Sheikh Please like our Nokia Revolution facebook page.

We have s40 admins that can help you there. Flashing your device means resetting the device firmware, it can be both Original or Cooked firmware. Flashing your device via phoenix software is simply altering your device firmware.

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It is mainly used for fixing corrupted firmwares that cannot be resolved by hard reset or dead phones after failed firmware update. You can also flash your phones using phoenix with Cooked Firmwares or modified firmwares. Well, the phoenix software is also used by people from Nokia Care Center. There are certian nokia device models supported by this not all.

There are nokia devices which needs to use certain cables and stuff for flashing — i think thise are the old models…. Make sure you back up your files saved from the phone. Are we talking about the front or the rear camera? Hi, did this happen after flashing your device? Just to clarify you are unable to get data signal anymore or even wifi?

Please set the security code. Please help. Do you want to retry the flashing? So… of course I flashed it again with the firwmare with the right product code. Unfortunetely the phone disconnected in the early process of erasing! You didnt have to reflash it with the right product code as long as its the same RM number it should be okay, try it again and make sure you dont missed any files. When I reflash the phone it gives the error that I mentioned and Phoenix quits instantaneous when i click on the ok button. Flashing started Creating product data items list Product data items list created Backup not required Flashing phone Initializing Verifying communication to device… Scanning image files… Failed to send wait request!

Failed to set phone to flashmode.

Verifying communication to device… Connection to update agent verified. Continuing flashing… UPS flashed and initialized. Continuing flashing… Asic CMT: Verifying communication to device… Asic CMT: C00 Asic CMT: Partitioning area 1… Asic CMT: Erasing area 1… Asic CMT: Erasing area 2… Asic CMT: Erasing area 3… Asic CMT: Erasing area 4… Asic CMT: Erasing area 5… Asic CMT: V21 Asic CMT: Resending Prepare for Write Request…. Unable to continue flashing. Asic CMT: Protocol 1: Error during Flashing.

Unable to continue. Unable to flash phone 0x Starting to recover the phone. Please check the firmware files that you have used, should all complete files…. Make sure u follow the steps correctly and how to format the phone before flashing… please let me know…. Thanks anyways. Guys, I successfully flashed my Nokia c. I flashed using phoenix and download c system files from navifirm. After all the process written above the mobile was flashed successfully.

Flashing started Creating product data items list Product data items list created Backup not required Flashing phone Initializing Scanning image files… Waiting for USB device… Loading secondary boot code: Phone reported Downgrade not possible. Flash a newer SW version Protocol 1: Error during Negotiation. Unable to flash. Unable to flash phone 0xA Starting to recover the phone Recovering phone Initializing Cannot perform recover from error: Product recovery failed Unable to set the phone to flash mode.

All operations completed Firmware updating failed. Is there anything that could be done? The phone is a Nokia , which is currently a brick. I was trying to flash the highest SW version. Can you try to take out your memory card and try to restart the phone. If not, try the hard reset using 3 keys.

Boot ROM was not detected while flashing the device in dead usb mode. Please help? Any ROM should also work, but if you have a specific keyboard then you have to choose which works for you, you can try any Asian product code or Thailand. Do you have a hint? I found. The actual FW release version on my Lumia is The only Thai Version I could find is in an older release version: Thanks for feedback…. When flash my nokia , after all steps phoenix says: So please, if someone knows how to help, has had a similar issue and managed to resolve it, any help would be appreciated….

To complete the answer, when i do that, the phone just starts booting, and gets stuck as described before… I think there could be a difference if i used Win XP perhaps, because of better compatibility as was mentioned in an earlier post by someone, and i will test that later, but for now, i really need advice or i will be forced to spend like 20 euros to get it restored in a care center: Good to hear, i havent tried Win7 64 bit, but yeah compatibility wise, there are some issues with 64bit… u can try first using XP or Win7 32bit.

Same thing as with 64 bit, device corrupted…: This thing worked like a charm on my nokia xpressmusic.

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That latest update was not available in my country, but thanks to this program, I was able to update my phone! The media player still moves somewhat slow, but thanks a million!! I am trying to flash a N8 and i am seeing the same 2 messages What should I do since i tried creating a file in the area memtioned by Carl below but it wont unzip in that area and even when I copy the two files into the folder which i created there, the message still pops up. Can you share a link for a screenshot?

This will occur if the data files are not in the correct spot. If you have set any security settings or auto lock on your phone before you flash it, please remove it first before you flash…. Partitioning complete Erasing…. Erasing complete Asic CMT: Programming data sent: Verifying communication to device… Waiting for communication response: I have not personally tested any of these steps, just merely gathered information from http: This guide is for Windows OS.

Flasher tool exists for Mac and Linux too, so these steps may work on those OS as well. You must have Administrator rights. Download and install Maemo Flasher for Harmattan 3.

Flash your Nokia phone via JAF

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