Remote desktop application for windows vista

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Using Remote Desktop

I used Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit for this tutorial, please make sure you understand the security implications of enabling this setting. I will cover more on this topic in future articles.

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Click on the Orb and right-click on My Computer , select Properties from the drop-down menu. If you receive the warning above when you enable Remote Assistance you may need to configure Windows Firewall to allow Remote Desktop to bypass the firewall, if this is the case follow the instructions below —.

Windows Help will open with a link to your Firewall settings, click on the Click to open Windows Firewall link. As an example, it could be the display setting, local resources or programs to run on remote computer.

Happy trying! If you connect to earlier version of remote desktop application, then the following message box will appear, just click Yes to continue the connecting process.

how to enable remote desktop on windows vista

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