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How do you deliberately calibrate the compass? This is just repeating the instructions the app gives! I did that then, I need to recalibrate NOW.

How to display compass for navigation

Maybe by factory resetting the phone? I did that a few days ago to clear up the mess on my phone but I did not notice that it did reset the compass until I opened Google Maps and noticed that the blue arrow was pointing perfectly towards the direction of the the road because, few months before resetting it was pointing to the wrong direction And this reset also applies to 3rd party compass apps; they finally showed the correct magnitude.

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We'll try that out next time to see if it works on some of our phones in the office. Article's a little confusing, in that the compass works on a magnetometer and doesn't need GPS or data radios activated to work with offline maps - though GPS can add latitude, longitude to functionality. I have a cute one Marine Compass, PierroX with a plug in that overlays direction through the camera view. I've always used 8 to calibrate, but knowing directionality from home it's easy to do a reality check before a trip that needs it. It is recommended that you calibrate your devices compass at least weekly, though I would suggest that if you are reliant on the compass that you calibrate it every time you leave a building or vehicle.

Remember that the compass in your device may not be the best, or will at least be affected by magnetic anomalies and interference so try and calibrate it in a open space. Calibrate my boat's compass every year, it never occurred to me to calibrate my phones compass. I will do it now, good tips.

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Samsung Unpacked. Reviews All. Create account Be part of the largest Android community. Login Cancel. Close What is ID4me? Stay signed in. Jump to: How to calibrate the compass using Google Maps How to check your smartphone's compass and sensors with Google Maps Using a 3rd party app Calibrate the compass with Google Maps Calibrating your phone's compass is actually easy.

Tap the blue dot on Google Maps that indicates your location Follow the instructions according to the diagram shown. A new calibrated compass. If your compass is not calibrated, a Calibration Circle screen will pop-up and you will be able to calibrate the compass by filling out that circle with figure 8 movements in the air.

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At the end of this process you will note that the blue line of sight in the Maps application is pointing to the correct direction. Your compass is calibrated. Notice the small blue arrow besides your blue dot location. Make sure it is pointing to the right direction.

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Just a rubber case which seems to break the compass for some reason: Is it possible the case has a built in magnet or large piece of metal for a car mount? Dmitri Zdorov Dmitri Zdorov 11 2. I found an answer from another site that worked instantly with my iPhone SE: Hold phone flat, face up in front of you on the palm of your hand Move the phone in a figure of eight motion by tilting your wrist While making this repetitive movement, the compass will reorient itself.

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Trevor Arnold Trevor Arnold 11 1. Ray Who Ray Who 1. Seriously, you're missing the point here. If you re-read the original question, you'll see that they were asking how to recalibrate the compass on a phone, and to see compass accuracy. You just came in and told them to not use a phone and to buy a compass. This is tantamount to someone asking how to drive somewhere with a car and you coming in and telling them to fly there with a helicopter. Go to true north settings.

How to enable compass mode in google maps

Go to settings and change it will resolve. Mayank Agrawal Mayank Agrawal 7. While the difference between geographic and magnetic north affect the compass, it is not related to calibration in any way. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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