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Checking the Download Mode information on your Galaxy S3.

Control work profile notifications - Android Enterprise Help

As well, you can support Chainfire by buying the app from Google Play and helping support him in his coding endeavors: If TriangleAway worked, you should see the following on your Download Mode screen. If so, how did it go for you? Write new comment:. All changes will be saved. No drafts are saved when editing. Submit Cancel. What about KNOX? I have stock rooted 4.

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This is why Android rules, the flexibility and ability to customise us amazing. Write a comment! We want the Samsung Galaxy Fold right away, right now, yesterday. Recommended articles. Thanks for signing up! Almost done! Check your email to confirm your subscription.

Deleting a User or Profile

Stay app-to-date! I am subscribing to the Email newsletter. But the potential for a hack is real, the company says.

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The hole is related to the SwiftKey keyboard, which is installed on millions of Samsung phones, and is a potential threat even if the user has not activated that keyboard. The malicious code checks for new language packs over an unencrypted, plain text connection. Welton says he can spoof a proxy server for the keyboard that allows access to many functions on the smartphone. San Francisco journalist Bill Snyder covers business and technology.

Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Enable/Disable Profile GPU Rendering

Scroll down to "PRL" and confirm that it has been changed. Play around with various PRLs. Some people report getting the best service on very old PRLs, so really, your mileage may vary. In step 1, it says that the a PRL file list is at the end of the article. Someone help me: I can not find it!

Sprint S3: Can't update PRL or Profile to get data access. "Session in progress"

You can download the PRLs from here. I can't see a Prl write option after entering the data there's only a limited number of things to click on. Any help? Does the phone have to be rooted?

No, it doesn't have to be rooted, but it is possible that your carrier removed the option. Remember, the "easy" way to do it will only work with Sprint as far as I know. The latest leaked Sprint version removed this feature, and I don't think Verizon had it to begin with. Also, if you are rooted, I have something you can flash to get the option back, but only if you have Sprint. Go ahead and flash this. It will restore the "PRL Write" feature. Yes you would need to be rooted, but you would also need a few other mods that aren't available yet.

Will I be able to get a stronger signal to where I am not just on Edge data speed all the time?